Cheap Eyelash Enhancers: Your Two Best Bets

Everyone likes to indulge once in a while, right? Whether your personal fix is a high end chocolate bar, a designer bag, or killer shoes, everyone has her vice. Personally, once in a while, I like to purchase one high quality, super expensive, but oh-so-worth-it beauty product – but that doesn’t mean that I’m not all about cheap eyelash enhancers, too!

A product doesn’t have to be expensive to work. It doesn’t have to be high end to get the job done. In fact, at least when it comes to fads and fashions, sometimes an inexpensive product is just what you need. Cheap eyelash enhancers are excellent for following trends that are here one day and gone the next. Instead of sinking a paycheck into the new big eyelash enhancer product, test out the look with cheap eyelash enhancers, drug store finds, and crazy styles that aren’t even likely to last the season.

Cheap Eyelash Enhancers #1 – Colored Mascaras

I like to keep three mascaras in rotation – deep black for deep drama, natural brown for natural charm, and clear for an effortless, fresh faced look. For those go-to eyelash enhancer products, I am willing to spend big bucks. However, if an event or an outfit calls for purple lashes or sparkly lashes, I like to be able to rise to the occasion without breaking the bank on a product that likely won’t be used more than once or twice.

Colored mascaras fall right in the wheelhouse of cheap eyelash enhancers. You can find them in any costume store and while they won’t do much for your lashes like eyelash fortifiers or eyelash conditioners would, a couple of bucks will get you the one-night-only look you’re going for!

Cheap Eyelash Enhancers #2 – Big Fakes

Don’t get me wrong – not all fake eyelashes are cheap eyelash enhancers. False eyelashes have gotten better and better with time, putting these eyelash enhancer products right up there with mascaras and eyelash growth products.

However, every once in a while, big, dramatic, so-fake-it’s-funny eyelashes are just what the doctor ordered. Again, these cheap eyelash enhancers can be found in any costume store or even drug stores. While they can’t do anything about eyelash loss or eyelash regrowth, they’ll certainly pack a punch into your flirt factor!

There are plenty of eyelash enhancer products out there in all kinds of price ranges. However, when it comes to a single night’s look or a passing trend you’d like to try, cheap eyelash enhancers fit exactly what you are looking for.

If you are wondering which enhancer might be best for you, I have researched many enhancers and detailed the pros and cons of each.  And I continue to add more reviews daily.  There are all kinds of enhancers, from completely natural to ones containing drugs (that many say are very efficient at growing lashes) and everything in between.  Check out the quick and easy comparison page to find the enhancer that is perfect for you.

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